Colours to my life by Tsharp

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Taiwo Ogobowale popularly known as T Sharp, is a prolific gospel music minister, worship leader, song writer, music teacher, and multi instrumentalist.  

T Sharp can be easily described as a rich blend of Grace and gift, world class composer/producer and astute musician who communicates his artistic passion for music with a strong sense of purpose and devotion to a vision and mandate that connects each listener and audience to a wholesome experience

T Sharp , a talented artist from Nigeria Summarizes his music as “FOR THE HEART, FOR THE LORD AND FOR THE GOOD OF MANKIND”. He plays a vast styles of gospel music genres: Pop, Classical, Rock, R&B, and African genres of music.  
T Sharp also plays a total of 6 different musical instruments.
He has travelled and performed at many events and shows accross the UK, America, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria to name a few.

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