Your Word by Rita Soul

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God’s word is my reality, it’s a reflection of how God sees me, my purpose my everything and my life. One reason why I wrote this beautiful song titled “your word” is to remind us of our standards and stands in CHRIST JESUS at against all odds and awful situation we may find ourselves, Gods word is all that matters. It’s working for me and will work for you, if you could connect with His word.

So I believe strongly that this song will strengthen your faith in God’s word and bless you mightily.

As you listen don’t forget to be a blessing to others by sharing. This is my little way of reaching the world with the message of His word you can kindly join me to reach one and the one reaches another and before now we have reached the whole world with His message in this song.

Thanks for your love for my music, God bless you richly,I love you dearly
Yours in Christ

Song produced by a4jeazy.....
Song Title: Your world.

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glory to God... awesome!

Rebecca Gire

Glory to God

Rebecca Gire

Glory to God

Rebecca Gire

Glory to God

Kelly chikomba


Kelly chikomba


Chibuzo Onumajuru

The word is my reality..Thank you Jesus Christ..

Thina Mhlabano


Gloria Adeke


Felix Omatsola



bless God

sunildavid N

Beautiful Jesus

Rachael Alpho-Nebechukwu


Prince Kindheart Noah Tor


Ugo Possible


Blez eagle

praise God #Godovereverything @blez eagle Instagram.

mosese gadai

greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world,,that why i am a champion,,bless song

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